Don’t miss out on important information for your personal tax return

We strive to make things easier for you and one of the new initiatives is a newsletter to provide you with timely and relevant information.  The newsletters will be segmented based on service area in order to ensure you receive content of interest to you and provide you with what you need to know in one convenient document; you pick the newsletter(s) you want to receive.

In early March, the personal tax newsletter will be issued.  Tax slips will start arriving in late February and soon enough it will be time to get your tax return prepared.  We want to ensure you have all of the information you need to help you, so this newsletter will have all of the pertinent information on tax changes and maximizing your eligible deductions.

Why should you sign up?

You will have all of the important information you need at tax time, in one quick and easy read.

What will you get?

  • All of the tools to make it easier for you to have your return prepared and filed, as quickly as possible
  • Updates on items that may impact your tax savings or the amount you may owe
  • All of the important tax dates, in one place

Don’t worry, we won’t spam your inbox.  When you select “personal tax” in the subscription window, you will receive a single, fact filled newsletter in March.  That’s it!

Don’t miss out. Subscribe here.

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