A book every business owner should read

It’s been almost two decades since Dr. Spencer Johnson’s Who Moved My Cheese? was first published but the lessons are still as relevant as ever. The entertaining way in which the book discusses change management enables you to clearly understand and remember the important messages. The story is also very adaptable; it can be applied to work, personal life, even the importance of financial management of your business.

As the book discusses, change management has many components but it all begins with the recognition that change will happen whether you want it to or not. Complacency is debilitating. Looking, and being prepared, for change will help you succeed.

What does this have to do with financial management?

Financial reports and analysis are valuable tools for identifying changes. Comparisons to prior periods and budget provide meaningful insight into the operations of your business and identifies variances. Regular reviews of financial information will enable you to identify (and monitor) any issues in their early stages and giving you the chance to act on them before they become significant.

“The change probably wouldn’t have taken him by surprise if he had been watching what was happening all along” ~ Dr. Spencer Johnson

Another valuable take-away from the book is to keep things simple. Don’t over analyze or over complicate. When the financial reports of your business are set up in a way that provides you with useful information, it’s not time consuming or complicated to review and make decisions. It’s easy to see what’s going on and check-in on a regular basis.

Who Moved My Cheese? is a quick, easy and enjoyable read that can be done in less than a hour. I’m confident you’ll find some valuable insights.  So, if you haven’t read it or it’s been a while since you last had the chance, grab the book and enjoy!

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